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Line(s) in the Sand

What do you want? What are your limitations are in any given situation? What's your "end game"? Those are a few questions I've had to ask myself a lot lately...Writing about this topic has been of of the most difficult tasks I've ever attempted to complete and I haven't been able to put my finger on why that is..until recently.. I'm a recovering people pleaser. I don't want people to be angry with, or disappointed in me and as a result I've found myself in some pretty uncomfortable situations. Evidently, the reason why the notion of writing about boundaries came...read more

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Brave Soul Artist: Sampson

Our Brave Soul Artist for this month is a young man on a mission to change the world one laugh at a time. Sampson McCormick is an award-winning, black, openly gay stand-up comedian, writer and activist, who has done it all. Sampson has produced three comedy albums, written two books, and won several awards including most recently the Gillard-Alston Award For Contributions to LGBT Youth Empowerment (2012). He was also named Love from the...read more

Brave Soul Artist: Gretchen Parlato

Gretchen Parlato

Our Brave Soul Artist feature for May 2013 is a woman whose music leaves a lasting impression on listeners. Gretchen Parlato's voice is an instrument which I can only describe as a "quiet fire". Whether performing her own compositions, or interpreting songs originally recorded by other artists, she beautifully manages to create magic in musical format. An alumni of the Thelonious Monk Institute, Parlato has been turning heads ever since she won the 2004...read more

Brave Soul Artist: Esthero

Photos by Leigha Righton This month's BSC Artist Feature, Esthero (in addition to being a personal favorite of mine) is a woman whose artistic prowess is evident not only through the beautiful instrument that is her voice, but also as a result of her amazing skills as songwriter and producer. BIO When Esthero released the epochal "Breath From Another" in 1998, she was barely eighteen years old. A transplant from the Ontario countryside, the...read more

Brave Soul Artist: Kia Bennett

Kia Bennett
Our September Brave Soul Artist feature is a young lady who clearly uses her artistry and music to tap into everything related to beauty (in all its forms). Kia Bennett is someone whose music is helping to keep a long lasting legacy of Soul/R&B music alive and thriving. A native of Richmond,Virginia and a product of Howard University, Kia made her introduction into the entertainment world while singing with former Washington D.C. group "Entyme"...read more

Brave Soul Artist: Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart
Our Brave Soul featured artist for July 2012 is a trailblazer and true "renaissance" man. He has had his hands in music, theatre, and a host of other artistic entrepreneurial ventures for a decade. Craig Stewart is one of America's most talented young playwrights. The first in his immediate family to graduate from college, Stewart attended Hampton University, where he received a degree in liberal arts. Originally a native of Baltimore, Stewart moved to...read more

Brave Soul Artist: Columbia Nights

Columbia Nights
Our Brave Soul featured artists for May 2012 are a pair of talented young men whose music speaks for itself. Comprised of musician/producers Hayling Price and John E Daise, Columbia Nights' work is an organic blend of analog and digital elements- a hybrid that looks to the past while taking a giant leap forward. As a classically trained pianist and producer with a few beat tapes to his name, Hayling was interested in expanding...read more

Brave Soul Artist: Red Summer

Red Summer
Our Brave Soul featured artist for April, Red Summer, is a self proclaimed "Jane-of-all-trades". Her background in Musical Theater, Interdisciplinary Art, Song-Writing, Spoken Word Poetry, Film Production and both Secondary and Post-Secondary Education, makes her a force to be reckoned with. She is a performance artist, activist, educator, motivational speaker and published writer, originally from Chicago, and currently residing in the Atlanta area. She has a B.A. degree in Speech, Theatre and Communications Education...read more

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November 12, 2014

WTF Happened To Baby Sister


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November 17, 2013


Brave Soul Collective returns to celebrate its 7 year anniversary on Monday December 9th, 2013 at Warehouse Theater, with "Passages"

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June 9, 2013

Subject To CHANGE...

BSC makes its 4th Annual DC Black Theatre Festival appearance with
"Subject To CHANGE..."

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April 25, 2013

Spring 2013 Preview

Hello to all the Brave Soul friends & supporters! It's been a while since you've seen or heard from BSC so I figured as we gear up for what promises to be an exciting spring & summer season, I'd give you an update on where we've been & what's coming up...

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January 18, 2013


BSC returns to kick off 2013 with
"BALANCING ACTS: Tales of Triumph, Trial & Error"
on Friday and Saturday, February 8th - 9th...

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November 13, 2012


"We can only change that which we're willing to face..."

Brave Soul Collective rounds out 2012 with
"FACING IT - Encounters of an Epidemic" on Thursday November 29th...

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